Breast Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common type of procedure among women who want to rediscover their confidence, love their bodies once again and enjoy the beauty of their glorious femininity. Speak with Prime Surgery to find out why fat transfer breast surgery may be the safest and most effective way of achieving the bosom you always wanted!

How Does Breast Fat Transfer Work?

Women who want fuller, rounder and bigger breasts can choose from a wealth of cosmetic surgery options. Fat transfer surgery is hailed as one of the most effective. The procedure is completed under general anesthetic and begins by taking fat from other areas of the body using liposuction techniques. This means fat is first removed from the client’s hips, thighs, lower back or abdominals. The area where the fat will be taken can be discussed with our team at Prime Surgery.

Once the fat has been taken from the allocated area, it is injected into the breast using industry techniques which allow our qualified surgeon to reshape the breasts, giving them the desired result but while maintaining a natural aesthetic. The process is most suited for women who would prefer a controlled increase in breast size and natural results.

Why Our Female Clients Loved Our Breast Fat Transfer Procedure?

Women have seen and experienced the benefits of breast augmentation procedures for decades. The aesthetic benefits are obvious, but it is the added confidence that breast surgery affords which changes the lives of these women. Fat transfer breast surgery has the additional benefit of removing fat from areas that many women struggle with. It may well be possible for you to enhance your figure by removing fat from these areas, as well as enhance your bosom.

The exact results of fat transfer breast surgery may differ between women and it is always encouraged to discuss the final result and your expectations in the initial consultation. To book your consultation with our renowned surgeon, contact Prime Surgery at your earliest convenience.

Post Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Like all fat transfer procedures and breast augmentation surgeries, there will be a recovery period. During this period, it is crucial that you follow our surgeon’s advice and guidance. You can expect the breast area – and the area where fat was taken to a lesser extent – to be sore, bruised and possibly swollen. Do not worry, this is perfectly normal and these symptoms of surgery will diminish as time goes on. You may have to take some weeks off work and avoid strenuous activity. This will be discussed in your consultation with Dr. Abdullah.

The final result of the breast enhancement surgery can be seen after a six-month period. At this time you will be able to see the final result, which in most cases will stay the same for years, if not decades. For more information feel free to contact our friendly team.

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These before-and-after photos show just what is possible with fat transfer breast surgery with us. Note, none of these images has been altered to emphasize results!

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