Body Fat Transfers

Get beach-ready with our safe procedures that will enhance your figure and boost your confidence. Our body fat transfer procedures can be used on different areas of the body to help you slim down and add luscious curves at the same time. Read on or speak to our expert team to learn more.

Body Fat Transfer Procedure Explained

Also known as lipomodelling, body fat transfer surgery involves two main steps under general anesthetic. First, fat will be taken from one area of your body where you have some level of excess fat using liposuction methods. This area will be agreed and decided upon with our expert surgeon, always with your wellbeing at heart. The second stage is to inject the fat cells into the area of your body that you choose to enhance. The options are varied but often include:

  • Breast
  • Buttocks
  • Face

Not all the fat cells will live once placed in a new area of the body so surgeons will often overcompensate to accommodate those fat cells which will not make it. Body fat transfer surgery is completely safe with phenomenal results – when completed by a certified and experienced surgeon.

We at Prime Surgery offer just that, with the expertise and experience of our first-class staff.

The Benefits of Body Fat Transfer

Body fat transfer surgery is an amazing option for both men and women. The surgery is often viewed as a solution for the whole body rather than a single area. Taking fat from one area and adding it to another means clients get to enhance their full figure from a single procedure. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and flat areas and say hello to a toned body with attractive curves.

Other benefits of fat transfer surgery include:

  • It is an economical choice over alternatives
  • It offers better and longer-lasting results over alternatives
  • Discomfort can be managed effectively
  • No implants are needed
  • Two-in-one solution for your self-declared imperfections

Your Recovery Period and Results

Straight after your fat transfer procedure you can expect some discomfort in both the area where fat was taken and where it was injected. This is normal but an experienced team like the one at Prime Surgery can help you reduce any inconveniences and pain during the recovery period. We will want to check up on your progress to monitor your recovery and result. This is included in the fee you pay for your plastic surgery. You may have to take some time off work, but this can be discussed further in your consultation with Dr. Bisher Abdullah.

The final result of body fat transfer surgery is long-lasting. To get the best from your surgery, it is always advised to follow our advice strictly. Maintaining your result is possible with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Frequent weight changes may cause you to lose some degree of your positive result. We can discuss your expectations at our professional cosmetic clinic in Gig Harbor soon. Contact us for more information.

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Fat Transfer Procedure Before-and-After Photos

Results matter, which is why we never hide behind our work. You can browse fat transfer photos from before and after a procedure with us. Photos are never enhanced or edited in any way.

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“Prime Surgery may sell cosmetic procedures, but they actually sell confidence and a new way of living. If I had two bodies I would be back for more”

Emily Wright

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